Protective Overlay Film

Protective Overlay Film

We offer 3M™ Premium Protective Overlay Film, a high performance protective transparent overlay for use on signs made from 3M Traffic Safety and Security Division sheetings, films, and images. Many types of defacement from vandalism can be easily cleaned from this film to substantially restore the performance and appearance of the overlayed sign.

Series 1160 is a clear, colorless film that, when applied to a sign fabricated using 3M’s matched component systems, will preserve the initial and retained minimum retroreflectance specified for the sheeting used to fabricate the sign. It is a high performance fluoropolymer film that provides a barrier and resists staining from common graffiti including paints, permanent marker ink, lipstick, eggs and stickers, and allows for easier clean-up.

3M™ Premium Protective Overlay Film Series 1160 has been specifically developed for use over signs made from 3M™ Diamond Grade™ and High Intensity Prismatic Sheeting, and 3M’s system of matched components, and is recommended for use with these materials.

  • Typical Sizes (widths)
  • 24"
  • 30"
  • 36"
  • 48"

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